something new arises from the silence

Elsbeth Ophoff (1966) Elsbeth Ophoff has worked in corporate business for 20 years. In 2009 she founded her own company Nieuwlaagje . Elsbeth works for various international (coaching) organisations and has more than 10,000 coaching hours in international business to her name. Elsbeth is not only a coach/facilitator, but also a yoga teacher and... a professional house painter.

Reflection time', Elsbeth sees as the most important part of a healthy career and, more importantly, of a healthy life. Take a step back to see where you stand now. How you feel. Feel what you are proud of. What went well. What you want to do differently from tomorrow. What you want to focus your attention on.

I see 'reflection time' as the most important part for a healthy working environment, but far too few people reflect on a structural basis. Life constantly demands that we go faster and do more. Most people I coach find it hard to schedule a day off to reflect. They feel truant. They do not see it as part of their personal leadership. But that changes the moment they start working with us!”, says Elsbeth. 

During her own reflection trip in Vietnam (2019), Elsbeth decided to bring Reflectiontime to a wider audience. Reflectiontime offers companies an accessible and powerful way of reflecting. On the 'self' and on the system we belong to. The provided tools encourage the curiosity, creativity and renewal. All necessary to stay ahead in times of transformation/VUCA world.

Take for example a reflection day. No endless talking sessions, but self-reflection in silence. Remember: '...something new arises from the silence...'

We keep the structure of the programmes as simple as possible, no bells and whistles. All programmes are structured with the three R's: Relax-Reflect-Reset. 'Relax': get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Relax your body and mind. Not only to be physically present, but also with your thoughts. Then it is time to 'reflect', what do you want to reflect on? With 'reset' you consciously decide what you want to do differently from now on. Our approach is continuously evaluated and tested in our Reflection Lab.

It felt like a short vacation. I am full of energy."

"Quite overwhelming to experience the space in my body."

"I have seen and felt my own hindrance. I know what I want to do with it now."

"I don't understand why I don't listen to my body in my work."

                       Lan Ha bay, Vietnam (2010)